Making Over the Bookworm

January 25, 2017 topic 12

What up ya’ll!

I missed you guys so much!!

I literally couldn’t stay away from this community and of course… BOOKS!

I feel like I missed so much on my unscheduled hiatus! I will fill you guys in with the lackluster details but first some exciting news!  I am making some HUGE changes to the blog.

I feel like I have grown as a person and as a reader and different things kind of represent my life now. I want to incorporate some more personal posts like my weightloss stuffs and my second most favorite thing… MAKEUP! We’ll see how it plays out. Don’t fret though, of course I will still be reading and reviewing all the things!!!

 I’ll see you guys next week for my grand unveiling!

Of course there will be a fun giveaway so…



About Brittany

Britt is a pretend adult who spends most of her day trying to work Mean Girl Quotes into day-to-day conversation. She reads. She Moms. She Caffeines. Sometimes she also likes to talk about all of these things in no particular order and apparently in the third person.

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  3. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    CAN’T. WAIT. Seriously, so excited you are back! I was like “why didn’t I see this?!” but now I look in my email and yep, there it is, I am just THAT behind on emails bwhaha. I cannot wait for your exciting and wonderful return! 🤗🤗🤗

    • Britt

      Lol you still crack me up girl. This makes my heart feel so happy. I didn’t realize how much I missed you guys until I started getting kind back into things now I’m like psshhhaaw what the hell was I thinking?! And I. Am finally talk 100 with you?! Hella excited!

  4. Helena @ Book Nerd Addict

    I missed seeing your posts 🙁
    I’m so happy you are back and you are adding to the blog!!!YAYYYYY
    What more can I say but that I am SUPER excited for you and for what is coming.
    Hope you have a great day xoxo

  5. Anna

    I have so been missing your blog posts and tweets! So glad you’re getting back to blogging!

  6. Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    Ah!!!! So excited to see this post on my email. I’m super pumped for you to be back. And I think it will be really cool for you to do some other stuff, especially talk about makeup. I have been all about watching beauty gurus. Also, I may have absolutely responded like Di in that Clueless gif.

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