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Hello friends!

My name is Brittany  but now-a-days I just go by Britt or Mommy.

 I am the sole reviewer here at Please Feed the Bookworm. Here you will find mostly young adult book reviews from a mostly young adult. I’ve always been the girl to do the summer reading so books were not a new thing for me until, at 17, I met a sweet little wizard with a lightning scar on his forehead. The Harry Potter series awakened something in my soul that I was sure had long since been extinguished, a sense of wonder and imagination. I didn’t have the best family situation and this was a perfect way to escape the torments world and enter a new fantastical one . My life between my late teens to mid twenties was pretty much a tug of war between only semi messed up to royally screwed. I somehow managed to escape a few seriously bad habits with little collateral damage. The second I became pregnant with my son at 27, I dropped all vices and cleaned up my act. However, this left a considerable amount of free time in my life and as I’ve come to learn ‘idle hands are the devils playthings’. I decided to re-unite with an old friend, my books. Once again I had that soul shattering experience when I got my hands on The Twilight Saga. Breaking Dawn was such a personal book for me since I was pregnant along with Bella. Ever since my heart has had such a special place for the written word. My books have always been there for me whether I noticed or not. They gave me an outlet to cry and a reason to smile. Between stories and my sweet Son, Kaleb, I feel like my soul is complete again. I’m so excited to share my rants and raves with you, my fellow bookworms.

Now on a lighter note I thought you’d enjoy some random facts about yours truly.

  •  I have a scary obsession with Cheeseburgers

  • I have lived in the following places Cherry Hill NJ, Houston TX, NYC, Boca Raton FL, Tampa FL, & Yardley PA but will always be a Jersey girl.

  • I swore I would never have a child yet now, Kaleb is my world.

  • I lost my mother at 20 years old and saw her spirit 2 days after while living in NYC miles from where she had passed. Crazy I know but true.


  • My favorite TV shows are Supernatural & Game of Thrones.

  • My best girlfriends & I have known each other since middle school and are still going strong.

  • My Mother picked my name from a book she was reading in the hospital. Coincidence? I think not.

She also named me after a sandwich. My initials are B.L.T. go figure.

  • I have a Red Nose pit-bull who is all bark & no bite. I think she was a bunny in a past life.

  • I believe in fate 100% & things happening for a reason. You know the whole karma in the universe theory.

That’s how I found him or I guess he found me…better yet we found each other.

  • It is my dream to run my own blog and hey look at that! Its happening!

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope you really enjoy this blog. If I can influence you to pick up just one book you wouldn’t have, then I feel like my job is complete.


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  1. Angelica @ Paperback Princess

    Brittany I really connected with you when reading your “Me, Myself & I” page, my story is quite similar to yours, but I was a reader since I was young. I did loose myself in my teens and stopped reading, just other things became more important, I didn’t find my love for books until the Harry Potter series, again once that subsided I was still lost in my bad world, and then Twilight series came and I was lucky to have been in a better path in my life then, still not perfect but better, that’s when I started reading again.

    Like you, I wasn’t really planning to be a Mum but when I found the right man we decided to try and have a child and my son, Riley was born, he’s now 6 months old and I cannot believe how much being a mother changes you, he’s honestly my heart and my soul and there’s NOTHING I wouldn’t/couldn’t do for him. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

    It feels extremely strange but I honestly felt so connected to what you’ve gone through as I feel like my life has had similar twists and turns as yours. I’m so glad that we are both in a good place now, good luck for the future 😀

    • Brittany

      Oh my gosh lady! Way to make me tear up before noon!! 🙂 This was such a sweet message and I am somewhat comforted to know that I am not alone in my story. We did what we did and we just have to believe that every choice, be it good or bad, lead us to our beautiful child and the amazing women we are today! xoxox ANYTIME you want to chat or need some mommy advice hit me up! I love new friend!! Thank you for posting this Angelica.

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