I’m About to Make my Move!

July 13, 2016 topic 4


(the Royal we of course since it’s just me)

Hey loves!

So as of Friday I am officially going back to my NJ roots! I have to say I have been wanting this move forever so now that it is here, I’m pretty damn excited and a bit overwhelmed. I won’t be around here to much so please bear with me.


This is turning out to be way more work that I remembered and we even hired movers. Packing all my books up is definitely the most daunting of all the tasks. I have so many I can’t take with me so I want to give them to you guys! Here is the deal:

Arcs (up to 8) will be $4 each

just to cover the cost to ship

Paperbacks will cost $3 (+*$4 shipping) = $7

Hardcovers will cost $6 (+*4 shipping) = $10

*more than 5 HC the shipping will be according…same with paperbacks


Okay so I think that is all. I will keeping to first come first serve. All payments made though PayPal no exceptions! International will have to pay the extra shipping but are welcome.

If you wish to buy contact me though Twitter @kalebsmome, DM preferable.




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  1. girl stuff

    good luck with the move! we moved about a year ago, and even with hiring movers it was super stressful because I didn’t take any time off from work (which was really dumb, in hindsight). I think we had 35+ boxes of books. I felt terrible for the movers, who had to carry them down 3 flights of stairs, and then up 3 flights of stairs at the new apartment.

  2. miki

    arg there are teh jennifer armentrout ones!!! i want but i don’t have paypal so not for me sniffff
    i hope they will all find good homes andthat you won’t miss them too much
    i have to arrange the house since my mother is really ill so we need a lot of adjustment and that’s a lot of work so moving must be even worse Courage!

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